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Engineering Geology Staff

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image of Stevens, De Anne S. P.

Stevens, De Anne S. P.

Geologist, (907) 451-5014

Chief, Engineering Geology Section - Quaternary studies, remote sensing, placer geology, GIS, permafrost and periglacial processes, materials resources, industrial minerals, and tephrochronology

image of Daanen, Ronald P.

Daanen, Ronald P.

Geologist, (907) 451-5965

Cold-climate hydrology, permafrost, vadose zone physical/chemical/biological processes, slope stability, programming and modeling, waste water treatment, drainage systems, groundwater resources, and water flow in snow

image of Gavel, Michelle M.

Gavel, Michelle M.

Geologist, (907) 451-2766

Arctic Strategic Transportation and Resources (ASTAR) project

image of Hubbard, Trent D.

Hubbard, Trent D.

Geologist, (907) 451-5009

Surficial geologic mapping, geologic hazards, GIS, remote sensing, and geomorphology

image of Overbeck, Jacquelyn R.

Overbeck, Jacquelyn R.

Geologist, (907) 451-5026

Geomorphology, coastal hazards, remote sensing, programming, and modeling

image of Rhoads, Amber L.

Rhoads, Amber L.

Natural Resource Tech, (907) 754-3597
image of Salisbury, J. Barrett

Salisbury, J. Barrett

Geologist, (907) 451-5974

Neotectonics, earthquake geology, paleoseismology, geomorphology, high-resolution topography

image of Stokes, Tyler B.

Stokes, Tyler B.

Geologist, (907) 451-2766

Arctic Strategic Transportation and Resources (ASTAR) project

image of Turner, Mark M.

Turner, Mark M.

Geologist, (907) 451-5026
image of Wikstrom Jones, Katreen

Wikstrom Jones, Katreen

Natural Resource Specialist, (907) 451-5006

Snow science, avalanche dynamics, geologic hazards, glaciology, remote sensing, GIS

image of Wolken, Gabriel J.

Wolken, Gabriel J.

Geologist, (907) 451-5018

Glaciology, climatology, geomorphology, snow science, geologic hazards, remote sensing

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