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Ketchikan Geophysical Survey

The Ketchikan geophysical survey is located in southeast Alaska in the Ketchikan area, about 350 kilometers south of Juneau, Alaska. Frequency domain electromagnetic and magnetic data were collected with the DIGHEMV system from February to April 1999. A total of 4750.8 line kilometers were collected covering 1648.6 square kilometers. Line spacing was 400 meters (m). Data were collected approximately 30 m above the ground cover or tree canopy from a helicopter-towed sensor platform ('bird') on a 30-m-long line. The large trees and steep terrain resulted in an average ground clearance of 150 m. In the original 1999 release the Ketchikan survey was merged with data from several adjacent surveys (Kasaan, Hetta, and Dolomi). Map sheets and some of the other files in this data release contain data from adjacent or nearby surveys.

Available Data Metadata Overview
File Name Data File Format File Size Info
Download ketchikan_vector_data Vector data 161.0 M Read me
Download ketchikan_maps_prn_format Plot files 248.3 M Read me
Download ketchikan_databases_geosoft Linedata Geosoft format database 224.3 M Read me
Download ketchikan_images_registered Image files 54.3 M Read me
Download ketchikan_grids_geosoft Gridded data Geosoft format 5.9 M Read me
Download ketchikan_grids_ermapper Gridded data ER Mapper 24.3 M Read me
Download ketchikan_kmz Google Earth files 72.3 M Read me
Download ketchikan_documents Adobe PDF files 1.5 M Read me
Download ketchikan_maps_pdf_format Adobe PDF files 147.6 M Read me
Download ketchikan_profiles_stacked Adobe PDF files 439.1 M Read me
Download ketchikan_ascii_data ASCII tabular files 1.0 G Read me


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