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Tok Geophysical Survey

The Tok electromagnetic and magnetic airborne geophysical survey data were acquired with a DIGHEMv Electromagnetic (EM) system and a CGG D1344 cesium magnetometer with a Scintrex CS3 cesium sensor. The EM and magnetic sensors were flown at a height of 30 meters (m). In addition the survey recorded data from radar and laser altimeters, a GPS navigation system, 50/60 Hz monitors and a video camera. Flights were performed with an AS-350-B3 Squirrel helicopter at a mean terrain clearance of 60 m along NE-SW (12 degrees) survey flight lines with a spacing of 400 m. Tie lines were flown perpendicular to the flight lines at intervals of approximately 4,800 m. These data were produced under contract between the State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys (DGGS), and CGG Land (U.S.) Inc. Airborne geophysical data for the area were acquired and processed by CGG in 2014 and 2015. The project was funded by the Alaska State Legislature as part of the Alaska Airborne Geophysical/Geological Mineral Inventory Program and the Alaska Strategic and Critical Minerals Assessment Capital Improvement Project.

Available Data Metadata Overview
File Name Data File Format File Size Info
Order offline geospatial data Video 77.0 G Read me
Download tok_vector_data Vector data 1.5 G Read me
Download tok_maps_prn_format Plot files 1.1 G Read me
Download tok_databases_geosoft Linedata Geosoft format database 862.2 M Read me
Download tok_grids_geosoft Gridded data Geosoft format 81.6 M Read me
Download tok_grids_ermapper Grid ERS files 173.0 M Read me
Download tok_kmz Google Earth files 214.8 M Read me
Download tok_images_registered Georeferenced raster files 308.7 M Read me
Download tok_documents Adobe PDF files 34.9 M Read me
Download tok_maps_pdf_format Adobe PDF files 252.0 M Read me
Download tok_profiles_stacked Adobe PDF files 304.1 M Read me
Download tok_ascii_data ASCII tabular files 3.0 G Read me


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