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Boler, K.W., 1989

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Boler, K.W., 1989, Stratigraphy, structure, and tectonics of the central Brooks Range, near Dietrich Camp, Alaska: Houston, Texas, Rice University, M.S. thesis, 163 p., illust., maps.


The Skajit allochthon consists of an imbricated sequence of heterogeneous Devonian and lower Paleozoic clastic and carbonate rocks, which structurally overlie the Endicott Mountains allochthon and the Schist belt in the central Brooks Range, Alaska. Three sets of Brookian folds, north directed thrust faults, and a late set of high-angle faults were identified. Many previously undated imbricates in the Skajit allochthon, which were previously thought to be dominantly Devonian(?) in age, are largely or partially of lower Paleozoic age. Substantial lithologic differences preclude any simple correlation of the lower Paleozoic rocks of the Jesse klippe, as proposed by Brosgé and Patton (1982), with rocks in the Doonerak window. The large-scale involvement of lower Paleozoic rocks in Brookian thrusting favors large thrust displacements and high shortening reconstructions. A partial balanced cross section of the Skajit allochthon yields a minimum 100 km of shortening by internal imbrication.

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