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Cloft, H.S., 1984

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Cloft, H.S., 1984, The sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Ledge Sandstone Member, Ivishak Formation, in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, northeastern Alaska: University of Texas, Dallas, M.S. thesis, 193 p.


The Ledge Sandstone Member of the Ivishak Formation is a sub-lithic quartz arenite deposited primarily in shallow marine interdeltaic environments. This interpretation is based on data collected from five measured sections in the Sadlerochit Mountains in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northeastern Alaska. Data collected in the field include observations of primary and secondary sedimentary structures and lithologic data. The Ledge Sandstone Member ranges from about 60 to 90 percent quartz with up to 35 percent chert, 8 percent lithic fragments and 3 percent feldspar. Characteristically a fine-grained arenite, the Ledge Sandstone ranges from silt-sized constituents to sparse occurrences of granule- and pebble-sized detrital components. It is heavily cemented by quartz overgrowths, but sometimes contains calcite cement. Three of the measured sections are interpreted as beach to shoreface environments. A relative paleoshoreline is postulated to have existed near the front of the Sadlerochit Mountains. Actual original location of the paleoshoreline is in question due to post-depositional tectonic events. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)

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