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Davies, M.H., 2011

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Davies, M.H., 2011, Paleoclimate, paleoventilation, and paleomagnetism as recorded in a 17kyr marine sediment record from the SE Alaska margin: Corvallis, Oregon, Oregon State University, Ph.D. dissertation, 181 p.


The deglacial behavior of the sub-Arctic North Pacific is poorly constrained, with many published records suffering from limited age control due to extensive post-depositional carbonate dissolution. Alternative dating methods include the correlation of stable-isotopic and/or paleomagnetic secular variation (PSV) records to an independently-dated regional template, however no such template currently exists. Core EW0408-85JC (59.55 degrees N, 144.15 degrees W, 682 m water depth) is located above the carbonate compensation depth on the Gulf of Alaska margin, affording an opportunity to inter-compare stable-isotopic and paleomagnetic variability from a single location, as well as place these observations in a global context via an independent radiocarbon-based chronology.

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