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Mah, W.S., 1998

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Mah, W.S., 1998, Seismic refraction and reflection investigation of the accreted Chugach Terrane of south-central Alaska: California State University, Long Beach, M.S. thesis, xi, 174 p., illust., maps, charts.


I examined seismic travel-time data collected in 1984 in the Chugach Mountains, southeastern Alaska. This accretionary terrane is seismically active due to convergence of the Pacific plate under the North American plate. One- and two-dimensional models of the subsurface geology were created employing P- and S-wave travel-time data; to provide further constraints, Poisson's ratios were also used. P-wave modeling suggests the existence of at least one low-velocity zone and generally agrees with the model of Fuis et al. (1991). The S-wave model has fewer layers and does not include low-velocity zones. Rocks near the surface exhibit mafic properties and tend to have low Poisson's ratio values, whereas rocks at greater depths tend to have felsic properties and higher Poisson's ratio values. Secondarily, a systematic examination of errors revealed that perturbation of shotpoint location and layer velocity produced significant effects on the models.

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