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Unema, Joel, 2011

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Unema, Joel, 2011, Water-magma interaction and plume processes in the 2008 Okmok eruption: Flagstaff, Arizona, Northern Arizona University, M.S. thesis, 315 p.


Okmok volcano, Aleutian arc, Alaska, produced 5 weeks of explosive eruption in July/August 2008 from vents in a 10-km-wide caldera. Water from lakes and aquifers in the caldera interacted with erupting magma (~56% SiO2) as evidenced by white steam clouds, fine grain size of deposits, and consumption of caldera lakes during eruption. The eruption produced abundant fine ash and columns of sufficient height to cause significant hazards to air traffic in the North Pacific air traffic corridor, which lies above the Aleutian Arc.

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