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West, K.D., 2007

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West, K.D., 2007, Resedimentation of the late Holocene White River ash, Yukon Territory, Canada and Alaska, United States: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Carleton University, Ph.D. dissertation, 269 p., illust., maps.


The White River ash is one of the most distinct and widely dispersed pyroclastic deposits in Yukon-Alaska. It was produced from volcanic eruptions ca. 1,887 (north lobe; Lerbekmo et al., 1975) and 1,147 years B.P. (east lobe; Clague et al., 1995). The source of the deposit, Mount Churchill, is an ice-covered stratovolcano 25 km west of the Yukon-Alaska border (61°25'N, 141°70'W). Distal deposits of ash occur as primary airfall over much of Alaska, Yukon, and Northwest Territories. Locally resedimented deposits of ash are common closer to the volcanic source and occur in highly glaciated regions.

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