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Emond, A.M., Little, L.M., Graham, G.R.C., Minsley, B.J., and CGG, 2018, Airborne electromagnetic and magnetic survey, Yukon Crossing, interior Alaska: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Geophysical Report 2016-4, 3 p. http://doi.org/10.14509/29682

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Aeromagnetic; Aeromagnetic Data; Aeromagnetic Map; Aeromagnetic Survey; Airborne Geophysical Survey; Analytic Signal; Apparent Resistivity Contours; Apparent Resistivity Data; Apparent Resistivity Map; Apparent Resistivity Survey; Conductivity Survey; Dalton Highway; Differential Depth; Differential Resistivity; EM1DFM Inversion; EM1DFM Resistivity; Electromagnetic Anomalies; Electromagnetic Data; Electromagnetic Data Inversion; Electromagnetic Survey; Engineering Geology; Exploration; First Vertical Derivative; Five Mile Airport; Frequency Domain Electromagnetic Data; Geologic; Geology; Geophysical Map; Geophysical Survey; Geophysics; Geophysics Search Tag; Gridded Data; HEM Survey; HFEM Survey; Inversion; Line Data; Magnetic Contours; Magnetic Data; Magnetic Survey; Magnetics; Modeling; RESOLVE EM System; Radiometric Survey; Radiometrics; Ray River; Remote Sensing; Resistivity; Resistivity Model; Resistivity Survey; Sightas Island; Smoothface Mountain; Stacked Multi-Channel Profiles; Trans-Alaska Pipeline; Woodcamp Creek; Yukon River; geoscientificInformation

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