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DGGS Wypych, Alicja and others, 2018

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Wypych, Alicja, Twelker, Evan, Athey, J.E., Hubbard, T.D., Naibert, T.J., Newberry, R.J., Sicard, K.R., Werdon, M.B., Willingham, A.L., and Wyatt, W.C., 2018, New geologic investigations of northeast Tanacross (presentation): Alaska Miners Association Annual Convention, Anchorage, Alaska, November 4-10, 2018: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys, 37 p. http://doi.org/10.14509/30123

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Base Metals; Bluff Prospect; Chicken; Devonian; Divide Mountain; Economic Geology; Economic Study; Exploration; Fishhook; Fishhook Bend; Fortymile Assemblage; Geologic; Geology; Gold Bar Creek; Jurassic; Lake George Assemblage; Liberty Creek; Metals; Mineral Assessment; Mineral Deposit; Mineral Localities; Mineral Prospect; Mineral Resources; Mineral Resources Posters and Presentations; Minerals; Mining; Mississippian; Ore Deposit; Ores; Pika Canyon Prospect; Precious Metals; Prindle Volcano; Prospecting Sites; Resource Assessment; Resource Information; Resources; Sixtymile River; Taurus Prospect; Tertiary; geoscientificInformation

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