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Suleimani, E.N., Salisbury, J.B., Nicolsky, D.J., and Koehler, R.D., 2019, Regional tsunami hazard assessment for the communities of Port Alexander, Craig, and Ketchikan, Southeast Alaska: Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys Report of Investigation 2019-7, 23 p., 5 sheets. http://doi.org/10.14509/30196

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Bathymetry; Coastal; Craig; Earthquake; Earthquake Related Slope Failure; Engineering; Engineering Geology; Faults; Flood; Geologic; Geologic Hazards; Geological Process; Geology; Geotechnical; Hazards; Ketchikan; Landslide; Mountain Point; Port Alexander; Saxman; Slides; Slope; Slope Instability; Southeast Alaska; Subduction; Subsidence; Surface; Tectonics; Topography; Tsunami; Uplift; Ward Cove; Water; geoscientificInformation

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