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McNutt, S.R., 1985

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McNutt, S.R., 1985, The eruptive activity, seismicity, and velocity structure of Pavlof Volcano, eastern Aleutians: New York City, New York, Columbia University, Teachers College, Ph.D. dissertation, 214 p.


Periodic eruptions at Pavlof Volcano : the effects of the sea level and an aseismic slip event -- Observations and analysis of B-type earthquakes, explorations, and volcanic tremor at Pavlof Volcano, Alaska -- Eruption characteristics and cycles at Pavlof Volcano, eastern Aleutians, and their relation to regional earthquake activity -- Determination of large-scale velocity structure of the crust and upper mantle in the vicinity of Pavlof Volcano, Alaska -- Volcanic earthquakes at Pavlof Volcano correlated with the solid earth tide -- Patterns of earthquakes and the effect of soild earth and ocean load tides at Mount St. Helens prior to the May 18, 1980, eruption -- Tilt and seismicity changes in the Shumagin seismic gap.

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