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Simmons, R.J., 1989

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Simmons, R.J., 1989, Meltwater drainage from temperate glacial ice, Burroughs Glacier, southeast Alaska: East Lansing, Michigan, Michigan State University, M.S. thesis, 52 p., illust.


A surface runoff model was applied to a temperate glacier in southeast Alaska to determine the method of meltwater drainage from unweathered glacial ice. Melt input for the model was calculated for points on a north-south grid over the glacier surface over a period of four sunny days in August 1973. The melt was then applied to a Route-and-Lag runoff model to create discharge hydrographs for the glacier for the duration of the study period. The resultant model discharges were then compared to actual drainage hydrographs for the same four-day period. As a result of this comparison, it was determined that meltwater drainage from the glacier is predominantly through surface runoff.

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