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Schaps, S.Y., 1985

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Schaps, S.Y., 1985, A gravity/seismic interpretation of Cretaceous features within the central portions of the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska: University of Texas, Dallas, M.S. thesis, x, 160 p., illust., maps.


A gravity database of more than 20,000 stations was used to generate simple Bouguer gravity maps in the central portions of the National Petroleum Reserve, Alaska (N.P.R.A.). These data were then filtered using wave-number-domain band pass filters to isolate anomalies created by post-Pebble Shale features from those of deeper origin. These maps were then used in conjunction with more than 2,000 line-kilometers of common mid-point stacked seismic reflection profiles, geologic maps, and information from 13 wells to analyze and interpret residual anomalies created by structural and stratigraphic features above the 'Pebble Shale.' Forward and inverse models were used to help document the interpretation of anomalies and the effectiveness of the wave-number-domain filter. Experiments were performed to find an 'intermediate' band filter that would isolate anomalies created by features between the 'Pebble Shale' and acoustic basement in the vicinity of the Meade #1 well, and to determine the accuracy of the Generalized Linear Inversion program using a variety of constraints, geometries, and density contrasts. (Abstract shortened by UMI.)

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